Located in the heart of Hollywood since 1971, Grandmaster has played host to hundreds of classic artists and albums. At center of attention is the 1973 Neve 8028 Console. The last standard Class A Neve the company ever built. Come in and look around at the unique and original design of Grandmaster Recorders, Ltd, a studio that has put its sonic stamp on some of your favorite albums.

Grandmaster Recorders was designed by the legendary Don Davis, a man known for his groundbreaking approach to acoustic design. His trademarks are all over the studio, in every room. From his use of black walnut in the Wood Room to provide punch and clarity, to his unique bass reflex/diffuser design in the Drum Room to enable an incredibly well balanced room sound  


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                                                                       for drums and other instruments. In addition to these unique rooms, Grandmaster Recorders also features a large warehouse space (112’ x 50’ x 20’) complete with stage for tracking as well. Not only has this space been responsible for some well known sounds, but it also serves as the studio’s private parking.


Grandmaster Recorders also features a private lobby and lounge for the client. This enables the artist to work uninterrupted, yet be in one of the fastest growing, bustling communities in the heart of Hollywood. Just outside the studio doors is some of the best and up and coming restaurants and bars, movie theatres, and record stores.




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