The Wood Room

                                 have tracked in this room without any extra baffling and yet instrument bleed is at a minimum.  That is what this room was designed to do.

Approx 35' x 35' x 14 ft. 


The Wood Room space is built from Black Walnut.  This provides a signature sound that has been heard on hundreds of records.  This room is known for its relatively dry, focused, and punchy sound.  Sounds come alive in this room, rich with detail and low-end punch.  All instruments excel in this room, from guitars, vocals, and bass to strings, percussion, and keyboards.  Don Davis was asked to design a special drum riser and diffuser in this room that accentuates a drier drum sound.  This has been used to great effect over the years with many jazz, rhythm and blues, and rock recordings.You will be amazed at the isolation you can get in The Wood Room.  Full bands