Jimmi Mayweather

Studio Manager, Producer, Engineer

email: meandu@roadrunner.com

Mike Sassano

Engineer, Tech

email: sassanaudio@gmail.com

Nick Agee


email: nick.agee13@gmail.com

Jimmi has managed many studios including Axis Studios, Paradise Productions, and Bijou Studio. He's produced/engineered many different genres of music, working with such artists as T Lavitz, Quincy Jones, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, Bonnie Raitt, GAP Band, Bob Segar, WAR, Rolls Royce, and Mylon Lefevre.

Dedicated musician with over 13 years of experience. He has done FOH and Tour Manager for Grammy-winning artist Pete Anderson, in addition to being assistant engineer at Anderson’s record label. On stage or in the studio, he has also worked with artists such as Blues Traveler, The Dirty Heads, Rome, Ross Hogarth, The Underdogs, Motörhead, Lemaitre and Raw Fabrics.

Recording engineer/musician with experience working with Grammy award winning producers and artists in a professional environment and running sessions for various major label artists, non-profit organizations, and independent artists. While not in the studio he's a touring guitar tech for The Plain White T's.